Alice Flagg


The Grave of Alice Flagg

Alice Flagg was born to an influential family in 1934.  She fell in love with a man who her family considered to be beneath their station and they refused to allow the romance to continue.  Her suitor proposed to her and gave her a ring.  She hid the ring on a chain around her neck but one day, her family found the ring.  Her brother threw the ring away and sent her to a boarding school in Charleston.  Heartbroken, she mourned the loss of her suitor and became so weak and sick that her family brought her home but her condition worsened.  She died in 1949 and was buried with a plain, simple gravestone that only says “Alice”.

Legend has it that Alice’s ghost can be seen walking through the cemetery and at her family plantation and it is believed that she is still looking for her lost ring.  Visitors to the cemetery often leave rings and other items on her grave.


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