Photo Challenge – Morning

This week we are asked to publish a new post with an image that means “morning” to us.


Odds and Ends-9

I am not – and have never been and never will be – a morning person.  I’m the one that hits the snooze button constantly for another four or five minutes sleep.

In the old days (before cell phones), I used a small travel clock to wake me in the mornings.  When it first went off, I would reach over, pick it up, hit the snooze button and hold it in my hand so that five minutes later, I could easily hit the snooze button again and drift off for another five minutes.

Now, I use my cell phone as an alarm.  Unfortunately, it only allows me to hit the snooze button two or three times – unless there’s a setting I’ve missed.  But I’ve overcome that obstacle.  I have several alarms set – one for 6:14, one for 6:28 and one for 6:42.  (Just random numbers to be different.) 

The cuckoo clock in the picture isn’t mine but cuckoo describes my mornings when I ignore the last call.  But those extra minutes are worth it!

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