Photo Challenge – Ambience

This week we are asked to show ambience – a positive atmosphere that lifts a person’s mood.


It’s the middle of January.  Earlier this week, temperatures here in South Carolina were below freezing and there was a small chance we might get snow.  Today it’s 70 degrees outside. 


 So a trip to Brookgreen Gardens was on today’s “to do” list.  Strolling along the paths and under magnificent oak trees dripping with Spanish moss creates such a calm and peaceful atmosphere.  Time instantly slowed for me today and all problems and worries were forgotten.


 Ambience – Peaceful

Diana of the Chase and Great Dane sculptures by Anna Hyatt Huntington.

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9 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Ambience

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    • Thank you! It’s beautiful throughout the year but you should go in December for Night of a Thousand Candles. It’s absolutely beautiful.


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