Regular Random – Orange Tulip

Desley Jane hosts #regularrandom each week and I had so much fun last week that I decided to play again today.

The rules are that you spend just five minutes with a single subject or a frame, shooting from different angles, seeing how the light changes, all the while trying to interfere with the subject as little as possible.

I have to admit that I didn’t follow all the rules.  I loved the first set of pictures so much that I took photographs the next day with different lighting.  The bright color made me smile!

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2 thoughts on “Regular Random – Orange Tulip

  1. Wonderful shots Gina. I can understand why you broke the rules. That’s what they’re there for, right?! You’ve reminded me of a tulip shoot I did a few weeks ago and haven’t posted yet. Mine was a pale pink tulip. Yours are a glorious colour. I love the photo of the centre. Thanks for joining again. X

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