Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: Small

Amy has chosen “Small is beautiful” as our prompt for this week’s challenge.

First, we did evacuate to our daughter’s due to Hurricane Florence.  Hubby went back today and says we did not have any damage and didn’t even lose power.  Lucky for us, Flo made a turn back to the north and we were spared the brunt of it.  However, there has been severe flooding and more is expected throughout the week as the never ending rain from Florence will cause the area rivers to overflow.

I did remember to bring my flash drives and memory cards with me along with all of my lens, filters, etc (fearing the worst) and I’ve gone through them while my grandson was napping and went looking for “small” subjects.  

I love capturing these small treasures although it can be quite frustrating so nothing makes me happier when I realize I’ve gotten focused shots.

Gulf Fritillary on Zinnia 2Hanging SpiderBee on Blue 4Grasshopper on Crinum MooreiThe Wasp

This last photo was an assignment for the Photoshop class I just finished.  We were instructed to composite an impossible scene.  I had just taken the photo of the dragonfly and added my grandson to it.  I liked it so much I promptly added him to some other scenes and may post them one day.

Red Dragonfly 1 with Carter

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13 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: Small

    • Thanks Tina, Elf is a good description. He’s a cutie pie. Yes, this one was too close for me. Hopefully that’s it for the summer.


  1. I like your selections and nice that you were able to bring some important items just in case – and whew – glad no damage in your area – hope flooding is not too bad
    oh and your post has so much color – it was nice after a rainy day here

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    • Thank you Dina. I’m glad you liked them and thanks for the follow. I took a peek at your blog and love the post on the Forties. Your photography is beautiful and can’t wait to see more.

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