Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: Look Up

This week Patty has asked us to “look up” because the best image isn’t always at eye level.

Several years ago, my daughter and I decided to walk the Arthur Ravenel bridge that connects Charleston and Mt. Pleasant.  It was built and opened in 2005 replacing the Grace Memorial and Silas Pearman Bridge. 


The Grace Memorial bridge was built in 1929 and handled both northbound and southbound traffic.   By the 1960s, the population and traffic had increased substantially and another bridge was needed.  The Silas Pearman Bridge was built in 1966 and it handled northbound traffic.  All southbound traffic used the Grace Memorial Bridge.  These older bridges were extremely narrow and in some places, it felt like you were on a roller coaster.  Luckily I did not start driving until the early 70s so I missed out on the opportunity to drive the Grace Memorial bridge when it handled both north and southbound traffic.  I’ve heard stories that policemen were stationed on each side of the bridge to drive across those that were too scared to drive it themselves.


The bridge is about 2 1/2 miles across.  My daughter and I walked to the first span which is a little over one mile and we spend some time on the observation deck taking pictures and enjoying the view.   


I’ve walked it one other time at dusk and the view of the sunset was absolutely stunning.  I’d love to walk it again but I’m not sure if I’d make it.  These legs prefer walks on even surfaces these days.

Under the Ravenell Bridge

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12 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: Look Up

  1. how interesting that police officers would help people drive back and forth if needed (times have changed big time – they cannot even use their cruisers to offer a battery jump)…
    and the contrast between pictures two and three had me going back and forth a few times – 🙂

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  2. Hi Gina. I had to have Patti forward me your post as I couldn’t see it from my site. Very weird, will report the problem. Love your perspective on the bridge, very different from mine. I’ve done the bridge run 4 times, once 3 of my nieces cane to run with me which was great fun. I finally gave up because of the horror show of getting there and parking. Now I do the Kiawah marathon and can bike to the start line😊

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    • Oh My! You are a much better woman than I am. I was huffing and puffing up to the first span. I stopped several times to take pictures (that’s what I told my daughter!) When in reality I just needed to catch my breath!

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      • Funny story. 1 Year my husband walked it while I ran. Walking places were sold out so he bought running. A young guy at the race asked him to switch bibs as he had walking and wanted to run (they separate the groups on race day). Next day in the paper my husband was named as winner for his age group, having set a new record pace! Obviously the young guy was a great runner! So we called the paper and race management to explain and next day they printed a correction. The following day the new winner was corrected as also having switched his bib 😂😂😂

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