Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists – Blended

I am late, late, late with this week’s challenge to show something blended.  So I’m making this quick as the new challenge comes out in about 10 minutes!  I’ve not missed one yet since I started this blog and don’t intend to ever miss one.

Blended Bird 2

We heard the Boattailed Grackle singing but it took some time to locate his position.  I’m not sure what kind of bird the second is but I only saw him because he moved.

Blended Bird 1

You can see responses from other bloggers here:

And you can see more of my photography here:


6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists – Blended

  1. Such a nice response for the theme and the hint of blue on black in that singing bird was a visual treat.
    And the blending in one reminded me how so much life is camouflaged around us-
    See you when the next week’s theme is posted – peace

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  2. Excellent choices! Very good shots as well – love them both. If you hide the feet of that second bird (I did), it is very difficult to find it. In a photo the bird doesn’t move…And I am glad you managed to join in again! See you soon!

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