Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: Unique

This week we are asked to share something that is unique to us.


I travel a lot each month and usually take the back roads.  It takes longer than the interstate but the drive is always more interesting and I don’t have to deal with the heavy traffic.

Abandoned Gas Station DorchesterDSC_9722

There are dozens of small towns along the way and it’s sad to see how once flourishing towns are literally disappearing before my eyes.  

A Weathered Home

Abandoned buildings have been taken over by trees, vines and weeds…but each still has a unique story to tell if only someone was there to tell it.


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8 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: Unique

  1. Cee, you are completely right. I wouldn’t have given them a second look before. As sad as it is, these buildings have a beauty around them now that they didn’t have before. The first photo with the wisteria growing through the building is my favorite.


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