Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: Three of a Kind

This week our theme is three of a kind. Sometimes when you think you’ve got the perfect photo, it seems that something is missing – the photo needs fleshing out to capture the soul of the subject. For me, this always occurs when I’ve found a large beautiful field of flowers.

Outside my office, wisteria blooms a couple of times a year. It’s one of my favorite flowers and I would always take time to take some photos before I left work for the day. On this particular day, there was a mild wind – just enough where I couldn’t get a clean shot. So I crawled inside the wisteria bushes and snapped away at the wisteria surrounding me.

I visited Brookgreen Gardens in April 2017 and I couldn’t believe the fields of foxgloves in bloom. They were planted throughout the park and it’s been my favorite design to date.

So much so that I had to include another gallery.

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