Photo Challenge – Wildlife Close to Home

Anne’s challenge to us this week is to photograph wildlife close to home.

The Center for Birds of Prey in Awendaw, South Carolina rescues wounded and sick birds of prey. They offer Photography Days several times throughout the year which allows unfettered views of the birds in natural surroundings.

Several years ago, my daughter and I attended and had four hours to photograph the birds and take a tour of the Center.

There were owls….




and a tawny eagle.

You can find more information on the center here:

You can find responses from other bloggers here:

You can see more of my photography here:

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Wildlife Close to Home

  1. I’ve been to the center several times Gina and it’s fantastic – as are your images! They do wonderful work there and I love their special days for photographers. So glad you chose to feature them! And thanks for joining us this week!


  2. Vivid and beautiful captures of these birds. Places like The Center are so interesting to visit and truly learn what makes the birds unique. We have a place similar nearby, but to have a photography day is fun. Brilliant photos and enjoyable read.


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