5th Street Bridge – Black and White

5th St Bridge

5th Street Bridge, Augusta, George


The Bridge at Dusk


I walked part of the Arthur Ravenell Jr Bridge the other day with two of my daughters but this time at dusk.  I walked it once before with one of my daughters and you can see that post here

It was extremely windy so we didn’t stay as long as I would have liked but I still got lots of fantastic shots.  Watching the sun set and seeing the lights on the bridge start to come on was beautiful and getting to spend time with my daughters – well, it was an awesome day!

I’ve posted pictures of the bridge twice before in Photo Challenges.  They are here and here.

Just a Little Stroll


View from the Arthur Ravenell Jr Bridge – From Mt. Pleasant to Charleston


My daughter suggested that we take a walk on the Arthur Ravenell Jr bridge.  It is 2 1/2 miles across and it has a lane for pedestrians and cyclists.  Our goal was to reach the first span and I’m happy to say that we made the goal with surprisingly little soreness today!

The pictures were taken from an observation deck.  The boats in the harbor are specks as seen in the first photo and you can see in the second photo the distance we walked.  Since what goes up has to come down, we walked a total of 1 1/2 miles.  Needless to say, going down was much easier than going up!


Photo Challenge – Weight(less)


This week’s challenge is to share a photo of something marked by its weight — or its air of weightlessness. Show gravity at its most unforgiving, or most generous. Bricks or feathers. A collapsed ruin or a plane taking off. A heavy piece of old furniture or the flying buttresses of a cathedral. Keep in mind that weight doesn’t even have to be physical: emotions and memories can weigh on us (or lift our spirits) at least as much as real objects.


Arthur Ravenell Jr Bridge