The Visionaries


The Visionaries by Anna Hyatt Huntington – Brookgreen Gardens

The Huntingtons founded Brookgreen Gardens in 1932 and it features many works by Anna Hyatt Huntington as well as other sculptors.  It’s simply beautiful and one of my favorites places.  It’s a definite “to do” when visiting the beach.


Don Quitoxe

Don Quixote 1Don Quixote 2

Don Quixote by Anna Hyatt Huntington – Brookgreen Gardens

I remember the story of Don Quixote as a man fighting windmills but not much more except that it was a comedy detailing his delusional escapades.  He looks so tragic and weary in this sculpture though – I’ll have to read the book again.


Update – A friend told me that the Broadway play, Man of La Mancha, was about Don Quixote.  One of the songs that came from the play is “To Dream the Impossible Dream” and she suggested that I check out Luther Vandross’ version of the song.  I did and it’s absolutely beautiful!  It’s now on my IPOD.


Lizard on Hibiscus


Lizard on Hibiscus

This photo was taken at Brookgreen Gardens.  Every time I visit I see something new.  This day I just happened to glance down and saw this lizard resting on a hibiscus flower and probably hoping I wouldn’t notice it.  I got several shots before I moved on allowing him to go on his merry way.

Joy of Motherhood


Joy of Motherhood by Willard Newman Hirsh – Brookgreen Gardens

I visit Brookgreen Gardens often but somehow I don’t remember seeing this sculpture before.  Perhaps it’s because my daughter has a 3 month old that it caught my attention today.