Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wet

Pekins See Ya Bye Bye

Pekin Ducks – See Ya Bye Bye! 


Someone rang the dinner bell!

Seagulls Feeding 1

These seagulls came from nowhere when someone finished cleaning their fish.  They ate well that day!

Seagulls Flying 1

This one flew right overhead and I didn’t know whether to snap the picture or duck for cover.

An Awesome Day

Pelicans 9

I had an AWESOME day today! 

The plan was to take some quick pictures of a beautiful church on the inlet.  Quick because it was 42 degrees outside.  While taking those photos, these guys showed up with LOTS of their friends and I got TONS of pictures.  I think I snapped away for an hour before the cold finally sent me back inside.


Swimming Along

DSC_1657 (3)

Mallard Hen

I used to think that it wasn’t fair that males birds had more brightly colored plumage than the females but this mallard hen has changed my mind.