Regular Random – Five Minutes with a Tiny Bouquet

I picked up this tiny bouquet at the grocery store this weekend.  The bright colors were calling out to me and I instantly decided it would be the perfect post for Desley Jane’s Regular Random challenge.  I hadn’t participated in a while so this was the perfect time to rectify my absence.  

The rules are to pick an item and without disturbing the subject, spend five minutes taking shots with different lighting and angles.  

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Girl in the Globe

Girl in the Globe 2Girl in the Globe 1

A Christmas gift from my youngest many years ago…

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Lady Bank Roses


I thought we lost our lady bank roses during Hurricane Matthew in October 2016.  My dad had given us a sprig from his plant several years ago and it had matured into a beautiful plant.  Hubby replanted what was left and while it never bloomed last year, it has made up for it this year.

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Battle of Chattanooga and Chickamauga – Part 5

This is the last post on the Battles of Chattanooga and Chickamauga.   Below is a photo of the Wilder Brigade Monument in honor of Colonel John T. Wilder and his “Lightning Brigade”.

Wilder Brigade Monument 1

This building was used to treat injured soldiers from both sides of the battle.

Snodgrass House 1

Monuments Along the Road

Memorials and monuments line all seven miles of the park.

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Foggy Beach

Several weeks ago, we had an unusual foggy day.  It covered the beach for most of the day and gave it a very eerie – but still beautiful – quality and provided yet another side of the character of the beach.

Fog on the Beach (2)

The fog did not deter this little bird.  He scurried along the surf looking for his lunch and found several tasty items.

I wasn’t the only one out to enjoy the weather.

Fog on the Beach Couple

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