Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists – Simplicity

This week Patti has asked us to share our photos representing “simplicity”.


For some health reasons, this is my first post of 2020.  I’m unable to drive so I’ve not been able to get out with my camera.  You don’t realize how much you rely on a vehicle until that privilege is gone.  


But my grandson is with us this week so I have lots of opportunities to use my camera.  He’s four years old now and so inquisitive.  Granddaddy has been working in the yard and Carter has been helping all week.  He even gave Carter a mound of dirt to play in.


Funny thing though – Carter didn’t understand the concept of playing in the dirt.  He was hesitant to sit in it and kept brushing the dirt off each time he stood up.  It took a little explaining that it was ok to get dirty.



So that brings my story back to simplicity.  This generation doesn’t come outside to play.  They have cell phones, computers, gaming equipment and large TVs they watch inside.  They’ve never felt grass on their bare feet or squished mud between their toes – they have fancy and expensive tennis shows now that they can’t get dirty (unless it’s organized sports).



We didn’t have any of these things.  We had nothing more complicated than Barbie, bicycles and board games.  While I don’t remember playing in the dirt – I did and still have an aversion to getting dirty – I do remember congregating at the playground with all the neighborhood kids.  

But we didn’t have two parents working outside the home either.  Drugs, mass shootings, terrorism or coronavirus were unheard of when I was young.  Life is much different now.

So as I’m sitting on the steps watching my grandson, I’m so happy he’s here and that we could give him this simpler day.

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Regular Random – Five Minutes with a 1931 Model A

Here are the rules for this challenge –

Choose a subject or a scene and spend five minutes photographing it using different lighting and angles without interfering with the subject.  Use the tags “regular random” and “five minutes”.

While visiting mom this weekend I was able to take a walk through the Farmers Market held every Saturday.  I have lots of photos to share but this post features a 1931 Ford Model A owned by one of the vendors.

Bob says his father wanted a Model A when they were first manufactured but it wasn’t until 1934 that he purchased one.  He and his wife were traveling to the mountains of North Carolina for apples and saw the car on the side of the road with a “for sale” sign.  His father bought it and the car passed to Bob in 1969.  It’s driven regularly and the top speed is 55MPH.  

Wouldn’t you love to take a spin in it?

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