Alligator Season

On a recent visit to Huntington Beach State Park to take bird photos, I saw a dozen alligators floating by.

Slow Floating Alligator

I’ve never seen this many alligators out at one time but it’s mating season and the gators are here looking for a date.

Alligator Float

They don’t approach as long as you keep your distance but it was very difficult to focus on the birds while constantly looking over my shoulder to see if the alligators had moved.  Despite that, I managed to get several great shots of egrets, anhingas and cormorants and I will be posting those soon.

Alligator x 2

Alligator Close Up

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Photo Challenge – Danger!

This week we are asked to share a photo that says “Danger!”

Danger Off the Path

It’s a beautiful walk to the river but stay on the trail and beware of snakes and alligators.  I’m not sure why the orange and white barricade is there though.

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