On The Savannah

My daughter lives on the Savannah River and while there on babysitting duties this past week, we took a walk along the river and it felt just like home.



The next day it rained so we weren’t able to go out for a walk but from the back deck, my daughter spotted this fawn by the pond.  My eyes are not nearly as good as hers so I never saw it but aimed the camera in the general direction she pointed out and somehow captured the fawn.  



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Photo Challenge – Focus

This week we are asked to share a photo that says “focus” to us.

A visit to Huntington Beach State Park always provides fantastic opportunities to catch the shore birds in action.  This particular visit was no exception.

Anhinga on Oyster Shells

An anhinga posed for me while perched on oyster shells until he was startled by other visitors walking on the causeway.

He took off as I desperately tried to adjust my camera speed to capture the moment – to no avail. 


I watched him fly away into the sunset – before I could get the perfect “focus”.

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Photo Challenge – Graceful

For this week’s challenge, we are asked to show something that says “graceful” to us.


Sunning Anhinga

Photo taken at Huntington Beach State Park.

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To see more of my photos, please click here:  photographyinpearls.photoshelter.com