Here’s to 2018!

So 2017 was a ” challenging” year (to put it nicely) and I have to admit, I’ll glad to see it over.  Looking back, there were two constants over the last year that helped me keep things in prospective.  

One, of course, is family.  I have logged countless miles on the road this year and have loved every minute of it.  The drive allows time to reflect and I can sing along to the radio without fear of being overheard.  (No, I can’t carry a tune.)  And there is also the anticipation of seeing those faces with eyes lit up and mouths smiling at you at the end of each trip.

The second constant is my camera.  It goes everywhere with me and while I end up deleting more photos than I keep, I so enjoy seeing an image in my mind becoming reality through my view finder and ultimately in print or on the web.  And while I have so much still to learn, I am also very proud seeing how my skills have grown over the past year.  

To end the year, we spent the Christmas holidays traveling to three states (Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida) to visit family and I took countless photos – including from a moving car!  

For this first post of 2018, I’d like to start with a symbolic capture of the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge which was final leg of our trip home.  It’s the final hurdle of 2017 and the road to 2018 is clear and open.

Crossing Ravenel Bridge


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Photo Challenge – Bridges

This week we are asked to capture any type or style of bridge.

Under the Ravenell Bridge

I live an hour north of Charleston but travel there at least once a month.  The Arthur Ravenell Jr bridge connecting Charleston and Mt. Pleasant fascinates me and I often stop for pictures.  You can see the bridge from downtown Charleston and there’s a park underneath the bridge on the Mt. Pleasant side.  I’ve also walked a portion of it twice.

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Photo Challenge – Look Up

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All Lined Up


View of the USS Yorktown from below the Arthur Ravenell Jr Bridge


Charleston Harbor


Park Benches

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The Bridge at Dusk


I walked part of the Arthur Ravenell Jr Bridge the other day with two of my daughters but this time at dusk.  I walked it once before with one of my daughters and you can see that post here

It was extremely windy so we didn’t stay as long as I would have liked but I still got lots of fantastic shots.  Watching the sun set and seeing the lights on the bridge start to come on was beautiful and getting to spend time with my daughters – well, it was an awesome day!

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USS Yorktown


USS Yorktown – Photo taken from Arthur Ravenell Jr Bridge

The USS Yorktown was commissioned in 1943 and decommissioned in 1970.  In 1975, she became a museum ship at Patriot’s Point in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  The USS Yorktown is a national historic landmark. 


Photo Challenge – Look Up

This week is all about taking a moment to check out what’s going on above you.

Look Up

These photos are from a recent walk with my daughter on the Arthur Ravenell Jr Bridge.  We were at an observation deck on the first span of the bridge and looking up, I had a sudden thought as to how insignificant we are in the greater scheme of life.  

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