Lens-Artists Challenge – Patterns

This week Ann-Christine has given us the prompt of patterns.  My choices this week all come courtesy of Mother Nature.


The tide was going out as we got to the beach and we set up shop directly behind a small tide pool.  The tide pool was a favorite gathering place as small children played in it, the balls from a bocche game ended up in it and the birds came to check it out also.  


I had watched this seagull for quite some time as he tried and failed to catch dinner.  So I was just as excited to see him catch his meal as I was to capture the shot.


This gull was afraid to get his wings wet.  He would venture out into the surf but immediately turn around as the next wave came in so I’m not quite sure how he expected to eat that night.  But the pattern and colors under his wings are beautiful.

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Cee’s Black and White Challenge – Birds

Pelicans in Black and White

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For Extra Credit #4 – Oil Painting

So my Photoshop class is going great and this week we learned to fix images.  We took an old photograph that was cracked and torn and made it whole again.  It’s really cool stuff!

I’ve been taking old photos and playing with them using some of the new tricks learned in class.  My favorite thing I’ve learned so far is painting on photographs.  Here’s a photo I took of some birds in the surf several months ago along with the painted image.  The difference is pretty subtle but the painted image has more of a calming effect than the original picture.  


Original photo


Painted image

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Three Is The Perfect Number

Have you noticed how photographs with three subjects catch your eye?  I’m not sure why but I have noticed a trend in my photography.

Three SwansThree DucksThree Wood Storks


But then, photography is like a story with a beginning, a middle and an end.  It makes perfect sense when you think of it that way.

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A Skimmer Went A Skimmering

We took a drive the other evening with the top down on the car and ended up on the marshwalk in Murrells Inlet – the newer portion behind the Hot Fish Club.  There were a few egret waiting patiently for their dinner but this skimmer got my attention.  He only stayed long enough to catch a bite and then went on his way.


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I haven’t been able to get out much recently and have missed visiting my feathered friends.  So I was excited to grab my camera and stop by Huntington Beach State Park earlier this week.


Of all the birds I’ve photographed, I enjoy the anhingas the most.  They have such personality.  They take glory in the sun with outstretched wings yet can be as silly as a small child the next moment.


The anhinga in these photos flew over and literally belly-flopped in the water in front of me.  Unfortunately, I had my camera trained on a second bird and I missed that shot.  But I did get these photos as he dried himself off.


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Photo Challenge – Story

This week we are asked to do some visual storytelling with our photography.

Bath Time

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Foggy Beach

Several weeks ago, we had an unusual foggy day.  It covered the beach for most of the day and gave it a very eerie – but still beautiful – quality and provided yet another side of the character of the beach.

Fog on the Beach (2)

The fog did not deter this little bird.  He scurried along the surf looking for his lunch and found several tasty items.

I wasn’t the only one out to enjoy the weather.

Fog on the Beach Couple

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