The Lizard and Isabel

Lizard on Isabel

The Lizard and Isabel


Isabel by Betty Branch – Brookgreen Gardens


Lizard on Hibiscus


Lizard on Hibiscus

This photo was taken at Brookgreen Gardens.  Every time I visit I see something new.  This day I just happened to glance down and saw this lizard resting on a hibiscus flower and probably hoping I wouldn’t notice it.  I got several shots before I moved on allowing him to go on his merry way.

Photo Challenge – Jubilant

This week we are asked to show our interpretation of “jubilant”.

Muse 12

Fountain of the Muses by Carl Milles – Brookgreen Gardens

I’ve posted this photo before but I had to post it again for this challenge.  I’ve added some additional photos at different angles.  

The figures represent a poet, an architect, a musician, a painter and a sculptor.