Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: Action

So this week we are asked to share some “action” photos – anything on the move.  

Dog Action

Saturday was a beach day for us.  We packed a small cooler, grabbed the towels, chairs and umbrella and headed out to a relatively quiet stretch of beach.  That’s where my “action” ended for the day – well, at least the next few hours.  

Bike Action

Occasionally, I would lift my head up to check out the clouds and the kids playing around us. 

Floating Action

And  I managed a few shots of this osprey in action…

Diving ActionOprey Action

but unfortunately, both the osprey and I missed the perfect capture.

Wave Action

And the last shot of the day….

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Photo Challenge – Liquid

This week we are asked to share a photo of liquid in whatever state, shape or color we find it.  Since I live at the beach, you know my choice would include the ocean.

During my beach walk last night, I came across two men out walking their four dogs.  This one got most of my attention because of its distinctive color and markings but also because of its unbounded joy in the surf.  He dashed in and out,

Dog in the Surf 1

jumped up and down

Dog in the Surf 3

and gave me the biggest and sweetest grin!  This is a happy dog!

Dog in the Surf 5


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