Cee’s Black and White Challenge – Doors or Drawers

Sid Geddings Store

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Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: Doors

This week Tina has given us the topic of “doors” as our challenge.
Salters DepotThis Old Store

I love looking at old abandoned buildings.  I always wonder at the stories those walls could tell if only they could talk.  They fascinate me so I won’t hesitate to stop and grab my camera when I see one on my many trips. Luckily, my passengers have become used to this and don’t mind the many stops.

Abandoned Gas Station DorchesterA Weathered Home

You have to turn off the main roads though and drive through some small towns.  Unfortunately some of the small towns are almost completely abandoned and it’s sad to see.  Other small towns have found ways to revitalize and businesses are flourishing.  But those aren’t as fascinating to me.

Wisteria Takes Over_DSC0083

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You can see more of my photography here: photographyinpearls.photoshelter.com