Sunday Beach Day

Sunday was a beach day for us although we thought we were going to get rained out.  

Clouds From the West

View from the west

Catamaran at Litchfield

View from the east

Luckily, the storm missed us and we were able to enjoy the day.

You can see more of my photography here:


Orange Moon

We had an orange full moon this week and my BFF and I went out to capture it and get some other shots during the golden hour.

View Through the DunesPinwheel on the Beach

Families and friends were out enjoying the last bit of daylight and many of the small children had to be told several times to come in.

Friends on the Beach

The clouds came in with the rising of the moon but the moon didn’t disappoint.

Orange Moon

You can see more of my photography here:

Dunes on Pawleys


Dunes on Pawleys

This photo was taken at the south end of Pawleys Island right before sunset.

This picture was originally terribly underexposed and in shadows.  I used it to play around in Lightroom and Photoshop (new playthings for me!) and managed to save it.  I am so amazed at what Lightroom and Photoshop can do!

Photo101 – Landscape

Photo 101 – Day 15

Today, we are asked to show a picture of a landscape and to focus on the entire setting as a whole.



Another beautiful day at the beach!