On The Savannah

My daughter lives on the Savannah River and while there on babysitting duties this past week, we took a walk along the river and it felt just like home.



The next day it rained so we weren’t able to go out for a walk but from the back deck, my daughter spotted this fawn by the pond.  My eyes are not nearly as good as hers so I never saw it but aimed the camera in the general direction she pointed out and somehow captured the fawn.  



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Photo Challenge – Reflecting

 This week we are asked to share a photo that captures something reflected back in a way that it makes us look at our surroundings differently.


Egret Catches a Snack


Snow Egret Poses


Jumping Mullet


Egret Love

Photos taken at Huntington Beach State Park –

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Photo Challenge – Against The Odds

This week we are asked to share a photo that says “against the odds”.

The Beauty of an Egret in Flight

And against the odds, I was able to capture it!

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To see more of my photography, please click here:  photographyinpearls.photoshelter.com

Photo Challenge – Path

 This week we are asked to show what “path” means to us – the journey we’ve taken this year and/or where we hope to go in 2017.

January 1, 2017 is Photography in Pearls’ first birthday!  I had just completed my first photography class and found a new passion.  I took my camera everywhere and filled up countless memory cards saving all of my photos.  I thought each was a work of art just waiting to be appreciated!  And so eager to share, this blog was born. 

I’ve been going through my memory cards and USB drives the last few weeks trying to organize them all and can’t believe some of the photos I saved!  I still love them all (even the ones I deleted) but I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to visit my blog and offer encouragement.  Each “like” is special.  And I apologize for all pitiful posts!

For 2017, I’ll continue to carry my camera everywhere I go and share photos that are special to me.   And I’m signing up to take a couple of photography classes this spring.



Today, while doing some last minute Christmas shopping, I was near Myrtle Beach State Park.  I hadn’t visited since Hurricane Matthew so I made a quick decision to stop in and take a few photos.  (Part of the pier was damaged due to the storm and is still closed off.)  I was so surprised to see this egret walking up and down the pier!  He had his eyes on the folks fishing – hoping for an easy meal and some obliged by tossing him a bait fish from time to time.  He also did a lot of posing for me and I’ll be posting more of those photos here and on photographyinpearls.photoshelter.com

Sometimes you plan your path and sometimes luck guides you. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Photo Challenge – Local

This week we are asked to share what “local” means to us.


Lowcountry Locals


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Strike A Pose


Early Morning Posing


Great Blue Heron

My daughter lives near the Savannah River and when leaving from a visit, I noticed this Great Blue Egret in a pond near her house and I stopped to get some pictures.  He moved slowly looking for breakfast and would pause often giving me ample time to get the perfect shot.  These are my favorites.  I love the reflections and ripples in the water.