Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: One Image/One Story

This week we are asked to tell a story with just one photo. We can tell multiple stories but each story can only use one photo.

A friend and I were at at the beach to catch the rising of the orange moon. There were several groups of people out including the two in the photo above – a father and son fishing in the ocean. All is not as it seems though. In talking with the man, he said he had no idea who the boy was! The boy came up to him earlier to see if the man had caught anything and stayed.

Polo anyone? This was a first for me. We actually went because there were going to be hot air balloons after the games. But by that time, the winds had picked up and the balloons only went 10 to 15 feet off the ground. But despite that disappointment, we had a good time with my daughter and her boyfriend. One thing we learned about polo though – the players don’t bring their horses with them. It’s too difficult and expensive so they use the horses at whatever location they are at.

This photo is my first attempt at shooting fireworks. The fireworks are shot from a barge in the inlet and the timing is coordinated with the tide. The marsh walk is always crowded so we usually take our chairs to the church adjoining the marsh walk. Everyone brings their chairs or blankets and there are plenty of “ohs” and “awes” from the crowd.

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Our 4th of July schedule usually includes attending the boat parade, time at the beach which includes a military fly over and then ending the night with fireworks at the marshwalk.  Here are some of my favorites from the fireworks show.


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Photo Challenge – Chaos

This week we are asked to share our interpretation of “chaos”.


I decided to share more pictures from July 4th, 2016 fireworks.


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Fireworks on the 4th

What a beautiful day it was!  We spent part of it on the beach, came home and grilled out and then jumped in the car to go and see the fireworks at the Murrells Inlet Marshwalk.  I’m so excited that my first fireworks shoot turned out so well!