Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: Your Choice

Lens-Artists is celebrating its first anniversary and we’ve been asked to pick our choice for this week.  I’ve chosen “inspiration”.


Brookgreen Garden holds a series of evening concerts throughout the summer.  Various local bands perform and you can bring a chair to sit and listen or listen while you stroll through the gardens.  It’s a unique experience to take photos in the evening light.

I didn’t have any set plan in mind but the gardens always speak to me and guides my feet and hands.


The evening over, I captured this last shot as we headed to the car.


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Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: Delicate

This week Ann-Christine has asked us to share our delicate side.

Blue DragonflyBee on Blue 4

Spring has sprung and along with the beautiful blooms are these little fellows flying back and forth transferring pollen from one bloom to another.

Blue Dragonfly EyesBee on Salvia Leucantina Close Up

Tiny yellow footprints confirm their passage and sometimes you’re lucky enough to get a close up view of their delicate wings.

Bee Close UpRed Dragonfly 6

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Photo Challenge: Lens-Artists – Less is More

This week Amy has asked us to share what “less means more” means to us.

Here’s proof that you don’t need a big set or lots of props to have a great photo shoot.


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Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: Creativity

Ann-Christine has asked us to show our creativity in this week’s post.

Bouquet DistortedOsprey finished

I started working in Adobe Illustrator a couple of months ago and I’m so excited about all the things it lets me do.  I’m doing some graphic design and to practice my drawing skills (which were non-existent before starting Illustrator), I’m taking older photos and reworking them in Lightroom, Photoshop and Illustrator.  Hubby calls it my expensive coloring book.


The handsome man above is my dad.  The photo was taken at a family event about 10 years ago.  I don’t know which family member took it but I am so grateful they did.

Blue JellyfishCrystal butterfly

The drawing below is from my most absolute favorite photo in the world.  I love reading to my grandchildren and my daughter always takes a picture of my grandson snuggled in my lap while I read to him.

The Look

So hubby may be right about the expensive coloring book but I’m having fun and that’s all that matters.

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Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists – Hello April

So it’s been awhile since I have posted – too many things going on and not enough time – but I was determined to post this weekend.  And Amy’s topic this week is definitely a fun one.

I’ve already gotten tons of pictures of  flowers the past week or so – reds, yellow, pinks and blues – that it was a little hard to decide which pictures to post but I finally decided to share these beautiful “Lady Bank” roses.

Several years ago my father had this huge Lady Bank shrub that totally claimed ownership of one side of his fence.  He gave hubby a cutting who then planted it right outside our back door.  I thought we lost it when Hurricane Matthew came through several years ago but it has come back beautifully and gets bigger and bigger each year.


There are so many different clusters of blooms and no two are identical.  Since they are located at the entrance of our breezeway, they move constantly so it takes patience – and sometimes a sweater!- to get the perfect shot.  


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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Colorful

I found a new weekly photo challenge over at Dutch Goes the Photo!  This week, Frank has asked us to show how colorful we can be.  

Colorful Flowers

Colorful Bikes

Colorful School Mural

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For Extra Credit #2

I’m babysitting this week and taking pictures of my grandson off and on all day.  While he’s napping, I’m going through those pictures and also playing with old photos to practice what I’ve learned in photoshop class.

First up is the original shot….


I then tried “painting” it but wanted to use more colors….


I didn’t like my “painting” (I don’t think you can really call it painting though and I didn’t like staying inside the lines) so I erased it all and tried something different.


So now it bears no resemblance to the original but I like it.


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For Extra Credit

I am having SO much fun with my Photoshop class!  I am absolutely amazed at everything it can do so each night, I’ve taken a couple of my old photos and played with them to see what new magic would happen.  

This is tonight’s “Before”…

Pink and Red

First edit…I blended and blurred…

Pink and Red Blurred

….I added some more filters and “twisted” and here is the “After”.

Hurricane Twist

My jaw dropped when I saw this transformation and I know I’ll never be able to recreate it again.  I love the way the colors blended but I have one small issue with the final result.  I’m an insurance agent on the coast and it looks a little too much like the symbol used for hurricanes.  Hopefully it’s not an indication of what to expect this summer.

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Regular Random – Five Minutes with a Tiny Bouquet

I picked up this tiny bouquet at the grocery store this weekend.  The bright colors were calling out to me and I instantly decided it would be the perfect post for Desley Jane’s Regular Random challenge.  I hadn’t participated in a while so this was the perfect time to rectify my absence.  

The rules are to pick an item and without disturbing the subject, spend five minutes taking shots with different lighting and angles.  

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