Photo Challenge – Sweet

This week we are asked to share something sweet.

Welcome to Mom Asked Me For A Recipe!  “Mom” is my first blog and it’s what got me interested in photography.  After all, we eat with our eyes as well as our other senses so a pretty plate is the start of a great meal.

Fudge Cake 1

For better or worse, life has gotten hectic lately and I’ve had to cut back on some activities.  “Mom” took a lot of time for each post so I haven’t posted on it in a while.


But now that I’ve looked back on some of my “sweet” creations, I may rethink that decision so watch for another post soon.

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Photo Challenge – Earth

This week we are asked to share our vision of Mother Earth.


Lighthouse Project

Every year my employer supports our Lighthouse Project where each office is encouraged to give back to our community.  This year my office chose the local Food Bank as our project.  We bagged up apples, oranges, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, squash and canned goods donated by local stores and spent a day distributing the food to people in need.  We are truly the land of plenty and no one on Mother Earth should go hungry.


Pink P

These photos are my homework for a photography class I’m taking.  We were asked to pick one color and one letter of the alphabet.  The subject of our photos had to be our color and its first letter had to be the letter we picked.  I chose the color pink and the letter P.

Pink Pearls

Pink Pearls

Pink Petals

Pink Petals

Pink Plate

Pink Plate

Pink Popsicle and Pneapple

Pink Popsicle and Pink Pineapple

Pink Punch and Paper Straws

Pink Punch

Pink Puppy Present

Pink Puppy Present