Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: Fill the Frame

How to frame the shot is one of the most important decisions a photographer makes in getting a perfect capture.  This week Patti has asked us to “fill the frame”.  For those unfamiliar with the phrase, it means to get in close so that your subject fills the frame.  Filling the frame is a very powerful tool in a photographer’s toolbelt.


Sometimes I fill the frame when editing the photo and I’ll crop it to get the shot I want.  The balloon above and the three below are examples of cropping to fill the frame.

Cycle of Life - Paul Howard Manship BW 1Girl in the Globe 2Bee on Blue 4

These next photos are examples of filling the frame when the photo is initially taken.  It makes for a more dramatic photo. 

Pearls-70-21931 Model A 5Pumpkins 1DSC_3181-2

Of course, any time I take out my macro, it’s a fill the frame day!

_DSC0889DSC_8119DSC_3150Yellow 3

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