Photo Challenge – Twisted

This week we are asked to show something twisted.

I love big, big, chunky jewelry – the more colorful the better.  Hubby calls it my “Betty Rubble” jewelry.


I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Children love them too.  I can always count on my grandchildren wanting to climb up in my lap to play with them and I score extra hugs.


But no matter how carefully I wrap them up when traveling, they always get twisted together and it’s a nightmare trying to get them untangled.


But it’s worth it for those extra hugs.

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Photo Challenge – Mirror

This week, we are asked to show a reflection.

Mirror - Eye

Me in My Grandson’s Eye

I’m home from another visit with family and again I took hundreds of photos.  Life is wonderful!

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Legs and Feet

First Steps at the Beach

First Steps at the Beach

I decided to play along with Cee’s challenge today.  My daughter and her family visited last week and we took my 5 month old grandson for his first steps on the beach.

Photo Challenge – Cherry on Top

This week, we are asked to show the detail that makes a good experience a truly great experience – to celebrate the cherries on top.


The Cherry on Top

I visited my oldest daughter and her family this weekend and got some adorable shots of my four month old grandson.  My visits with them are my cherry on top!

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Cherry On Top

Photo101 – Connect

Photo 101 – Day 6

Today, we are asked to interpret the theme “connect” – whether through social media, a handshake or meeting of friends.

Roads, Trains and Baby Delivery – Three Ways to Connect!

This is the view from the top level of the parking garage at the hospital where my new grandson was born earlier this month.  I think the name of the street is so appropriate!

Photo Challenge – Harmony

Harmony has a meaning outside of the world of music: “the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.”  The challenge is to post a photo that is, or makes you feel harmonious — through your eyes.


Mom + Dad = Baby

Introducing my new grandson born March 2nd.


Photo Challenge – State of Mind

Every photo we take says something about our emotions at the moment of taking it. So this week, share an image where you see a particularly strong connection between what we see and what you felt as you pressed that shutter button on your camera or phone.

DSC_0284 (2)

State of Mind – Happy and Exhausted

Our twin grandchildren – almost three years old – are visiting this week.  I don’t know how mom and dad do it.  Even the stuffed cat looks tired!

And our fourth grandchild is due in March so add blessed to the list!

State of Mind