Regular Random – Five Minutes with a Puzzle

The rules are to choose a subject or a scene and spend five minutes photographing it at different angles, lighting etc without interfering with the subject.

Desley Jane hosts this challenge and you can find her here:

What could be more fun than puzzles with my grandson?  We “oinked”, “woofed”, “clucked” and “neighed” all weekend with some “choo choos” and “vroom, vrooms” thrown in too.

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Photo Challenge – Surprise

This week we are asked to share a surprise as seen through our lens.


Our youngest grandson and his mom are visiting us this week and I have spent countless hours following him around trying to get the perfect shots.  Just when I think I’ve got the perfect photo, he turns around – or crawls away – or waves bye – or claps and all I’ve captured is a blur.


The only time he stays still is when he looks out the window so I’ve got some beautiful photos of his back.  The surprise is that I love these photos just as much as the ones where I can see his face with all his expressions.


How could you resist the curl in his hair?


I love the way the light surrounds him.

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Forlorn Branch

My grandson and I went on a walk along the beach today and of course, I was taking multiple shots of everything.  We passed this tree branch and my grandson wondered why I didn’t take a picture of it.

Forlorn Branch 1

I had passed it thinking it would be a dull picture but his comment made me stop and wonder how this branch ended up on this stretch of beach. 

Forlorn Branch 2

So I took a second look…

Forlorn Branch 3

And then a third…

Morning Walk


A Musician in the Family


A Musician in the Family

My grandson, 16 years old, gave me a private concert on the back porch this weekend.  He plays guitar, ukulele, piano and sings.  He brought me to tears when he sang one of my favorite songs “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen and again when he played a song he had written.  He is so talented!