For Extra Credit

I am having SO much fun with my Photoshop class!  I am absolutely amazed at everything it can do so each night, I’ve taken a couple of my old photos and played with them to see what new magic would happen.  

This is tonight’s “Before”…

Pink and Red

First edit…I blended and blurred…

Pink and Red Blurred

….I added some more filters and “twisted” and here is the “After”.

Hurricane Twist

My jaw dropped when I saw this transformation and I know I’ll never be able to recreate it again.  I love the way the colors blended but I have one small issue with the final result.  I’m an insurance agent on the coast and it looks a little too much like the symbol used for hurricanes.  Hopefully it’s not an indication of what to expect this summer.

You can see more of my photography here: