Photo Challenge – Resilient

This week we are asked to share a photo of our version of “resilient”.


The Sullivans Island lighthouse was built and activated in 1962 and replaced the Morris Island lighthouse which was lost due to erosion. It has a triangular shape and can withstand winds up to 125 miles per hour.  It’s located at Station 18 1/2 which is where I spent a lot of the summers during my 20’s.  (1980’s) So both the lighthouse and I am resilient! 

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Photo Challenge – Earth

This week we are asked to share our vision of Mother Earth.


Lighthouse Project

Every year my employer supports our Lighthouse Project where each office is encouraged to give back to our community.  This year my office chose the local Food Bank as our project.  We bagged up apples, oranges, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, squash and canned goods donated by local stores and spent a day distributing the food to people in need.  We are truly the land of plenty and no one on Mother Earth should go hungry.