The Lizard and Isabel

Lizard on Isabel

The Lizard and Isabel


Isabel by Betty Branch – Brookgreen Gardens



Lizard on the Loose


Lizard on the Loose

I saw this lizard run across my window sill at work and came out to investigate.  He had a friend with him but the second lizard ran off before I could catch a shot of it.


Update:  According to my daughter, who majored in Biology, has a masters in Environmental Biology and actually did a summer internship one year studying the “biomechanics of how lizards move and how it relates to their ecology and behavior” (She chased down lizards in the summer heat and ran them on little lizard treadmills – seriously, I’m not kidding!), this is a male anole looking for ladies.  They signal the females by doing push-ups and flapping their pink dewlap under their chin.  Apparently, I did not stick around long enough to see that display.