Photo Challenge – Seasons

This week, let’s embrace the season: share an image that embodies the world or the weather where you live.

The word “seasons” can also describe a period or phase of your life. If this context resonates with you, share an image that expresses the seasonality of life itself or the present season of your life.


Political Season


This unusual “flower” only blooms once every four years – specifically the “Presidential” variety.   

Yes, it’s the political season in the United States and the South Carolina primaries are upon us.

The Republican primary is tomorrow, February 20th, so there are an abundance of these varieties of “flowers”.  The Democrats hold their primary February 27th so I’m sure more of these “flowers” will “spring” up over the next few days.  There are also other varieties – the Independent, the Libertarian and others but those are rare.

I could insert a joke here as to whether we should get out the fertilizer or weed killer but seriously, get out and vote.  Make your voice heard.