Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: Cold

This week Tina has asked us to share our photos of “cold”.  Living in the south, our cold days are usually few and mild compared to our northern states.  Every few years, we’ll get a light dusting of snow and everything shuts down.  We neither know how or have the equipment to drive in the snow.

These photos were taken during our last snow “storm” in January 2018.

Blowin' in the Snow

I was determined to capture the snow – who knows if or when I’d get the opportunity again.

Ice DropletsDSC_8880

It was so cold I could only manage about 15 or 20 minutes at a time.  I’d come in, warm up and go back out again. 

It took five days for the snow to melt so I’m quite happy if the snow and cold skip us this year.  I am, after all, a beach girl.


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Photo Challenge – Growth

This week we are asked to evoke the excitement of entering a new year with a photo that shows “growth”.

We’ve had rare bone chilling weather this week along with the first snow in many years.  I braved the cold (in ten minute intervals) and captured some beautiful images of the snow and ice.

Blowin' in the Snow

The pond had frozen over but I was surprised to find these wildflowers along the edge had survived the wind and cold.

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