Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists: Nostalgia

This week Tina has asked us to share some nostalgia.

My father was in the Air Force and stationed in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Signal Mountain where in 1956 he met my mother at the local drive-in.  They married the following year and shortly after, mom was pregnant with me.  While she was pregnant,  dad was transferred to Alaska and mom stayed with her parents in Chattanooga until he returned.   

Over the years, we moved from station to station – always in the southeast though and we were able to visit my grandparents once or twice a year.  While there, Poppa would take us to the playground with a stop at the corner drugstore for candy.  Most afternoons were spent waiting on the ice cream truck.  Poppa would buy us our fovorite despite Granny’s warnings not to ruin our suppers.   

We would also go to the local attractions – Ruby Falls, Rock City, ride the Incline and visit the Civil War battlefields.


A few months ago, Mom and I visited her sister who still lives in Chattanooga in the family home.  It was a trip down Memory Lane.  We returned to Rock City and Ruby Falls and rode on the Incline too.  



We also rode the Missionary Local Civil War era train…


and visited the old train station.  It’s now a hotel but the lobby still retains the character of the old train station.


Unfortunately, the playground was closed for renovation.  The old corner drugstore is gone as is the drive-in where my parents met and the ice cream truck no longer appears.

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Photo Challenge: Lens-Artists – Frame the Shot

This week Amy has asked that we show how we frame a shot.  Framing is oh, so important since it leads the viewer’s eyes to the spot you want them to look.

Recently I visited family in Chattanooga, Tennessee and revisited some of the tourist sites I had not seen since I was a child.  These included The Incline, Rock City and Ruby Falls.  This time we also rode the Missionary Ridge Local train, inspected the Coke Ovens in Dunlap, Tennessee and visited the Chattanooga Zoo and the Tennessee Aquarium.


I had to wait quite a while until these little fishies would cooperate and swim to an open spot in the coral. 


The Tennessee Aquarium is one of the best that I have visited.  There are two buildings – one is devoted to ocean life and the other is limited to inland rivers.

Because of age and condition, the Walnut Street Bridge is now open to pedestrian traffic only.  It crosses the Tennessee River and has helped to revitalize the downtown area with shops, restaurants and residential buildings.  It was also the perfect spot to take sunrise and sunset photos.


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