Here’s to 2018!

So 2017 was a ” challenging” year (to put it nicely) and I have to admit, I’ll glad to see it over.  Looking back, there were two constants over the last year that helped me keep things in prospective.  

One, of course, is family.  I have logged countless miles on the road this year and have loved every minute of it.  The drive allows time to reflect and I can sing along to the radio without fear of being overheard.  (No, I can’t carry a tune.)  And there is also the anticipation of seeing those faces with eyes lit up and mouths smiling at you at the end of each trip.

The second constant is my camera.  It goes everywhere with me and while I end up deleting more photos than I keep, I so enjoy seeing an image in my mind becoming reality through my view finder and ultimately in print or on the web.  And while I have so much still to learn, I am also very proud seeing how my skills have grown over the past year.  

To end the year, we spent the Christmas holidays traveling to three states (Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida) to visit family and I took countless photos – including from a moving car!  

For this first post of 2018, I’d like to start with a symbolic capture of the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge which was final leg of our trip home.  It’s the final hurdle of 2017 and the road to 2018 is clear and open.

Crossing Ravenel Bridge


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