Alligator at Brookgreen Gardens

Alligator at Huntington

Alligator at Brookgreen Gardens



A Sunning Cormorant


A Sunning Cormorant


Even this cormorant was enjoying the beautiful day!  I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with him.

Photo Challenge – Admiration

This week we are asked to depict someone or something we admire.


Eagle Admiration

My admiration is for the eagle  – everything it symbolizes and all the sacrifices made to defend our country.


Zebra Butterflies

Zebra Butterfly 6Zebra Butterfly 3

Zebra Butterflies

The Butterfly House at Brookgreen Gardens is open for the season.  I visited this weekend and got some great shots.  I think these are zebra butterflies.  If I’m wrong, please let me know.

Photo Challenge – Dinnertime

This week, we are asked to share an image inspired by dinnertime.

Seagulls, Pelicans 19

Dinnertime Fight

Tonight’s main draw is a winner take all fight over the same piece of fish.

In this corner is the smaller but feisty seagull.  In the other corner is the larger pelican with a huge beak and wing advantage. 

Despite having home court advantage, the seagull lost in a split decision.

Black and White?

Black and White Pier

A Contradiction – Black and White?

It was actually a bright sun shiny day but you can’t tell from this picture.  It looks cold and bleak to me but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Outdoor Seating

Outside Seating 2

Outdoor Seating

This couple had a front row seat for the show.  If it hadn’t been for her pink jacket, I would have overlooked them completely.

Photo Challenge – Dance

In this week’s challenge, we are asked to share a photo of something that appears like dance and the focus can be on objects, animals, or people.


Black Crowned Night Herons

These herons strutted round and round the tree – intent with their eyes to the ground and never missing a beat.

Photos taken at Brookgreen Gardens.


Photo 101 – Home

For our first assignment in Photo 101, we were asked to post a picture of what “home” means to us. 

My dad was in the Air Force and we moved around a lot.  So I don’t have one vision of home as a child unless we count my grandparents’ home – but we were only able to visit there once or twice a year.

I moved to the beach in 2000 and am so lucky to call this home now.  

Welcome to my home!

Three Gulls

My Home