Daddy’s Window

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Daddy’s Window

Every time I visited my mom and dad and we went out for dinner, my dad would point out this window in his church as we passed by.  He would say, “That’s my window.  All the men in my Sunday school class sit there – the last row on the left side.  We’re in the senior class.  We don’t graduate – the next step for us is heaven.”

And that’s where he went on December 25, 2014.

I was visiting my mom the other day and it was dark as I came into town.  All the lights inside the church were on and I could clearly see Daddy’s window.  And I knew I had to photograph it.

Daddy also collected things but I’m not sure why he collected the things he did.  His hummingbird figures were displayed in a curio cabinet, his classic cars in his sunroom, teacups and saucers on the wall and tables and beanie babies in a box.  There are some toy trucks and other things still in the closets yet to be discovered.

I’ll be posting photographs of some of his collectibles from time to time under the tag “Daddy’s Collectibles”.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I love him.


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