Photo Challenge – Order

This week we are asked to share our view on order, whether literal, figurative, or anything in between.


“Order” isn’t as important for me as it once was.  Years ago clothes were folded nicely in the dresser, shoes were lined up in the closet, dishes washed immediately and the bed was always made.  Now my undies are carelessly tossed in the dresser, my flip flops are always by the back door and bowls and spoons from last night’s ice cream will sit in the sink overnight.  The bed is still made every day though – that was my dad’s one pet peeve.  If he saw your bed unmade, he would insist you make it – even if it was only 30 minutes until bedtime.


Symmetry is a different story.  There’s something about the evenness and balance that appeals to me.  Symmetry is calm.  Symmetry is peace.  Symmetry is serenity.  Symmetry calls to me and I follow.  


Photos taken at Atalaya in Huntington Beach State Park

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