Photo Challenge – Lens-Artists- Delicate Colors

This week our theme is “delicate colors”.  

Because of the Coronavirus, the daycare for my four year old grandson is closed so Granddaddy and I have been playing Bingo, Candyland and Chutes and Ladders.  We’ve been to the beach, ridden bikes, gone for walks and read what seems like countless books during afternoon rest time and at bedtime. (Wouldn’t change it for anything!)


Yesterday we went to Ripley’s Aquarium.  We got there early to avoid any crowd and to  maintain social distancing .  Luckily, there were only about 20 other people there – a nice change from our visit last year when a school field trip was in process.


The colors may not look delicate but the colors are due to the lighting in the tank.  The jellyfish are actually virtually transparent and invisible to the eye. 


They are also deadly.  A sting can cause mild to severe pain and sometimes death.  So as mesmerizing as I find these creatures, I do not want to meet them in the ocean.  A glass partition is fine with me.

Hubby likes this last photo so much that he wants to hang it over the fireplace.  I haven’t made up my mind yet.  What do you think?DSC_4640

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Photo 101 – Day 20

Today is the last day for Photo 101.  We are asked what triumph means to us – a victory big or small, personal or public.

My First Bee Capture!

Photo101 – Double/Daddy’s Collectibles

Photo 101 – Day 19

Today we are asked to show our interpretation of the word “double” – twins, our vision during a dizzy spell, our doppelganger.

Ronnie Bear Twins

USS Ronald Reagan Beanie Babies

My father collected beanie babies among other things.  I’ve started taking photos of his treasures and am posting one weekly each Sunday under the tag “Daddy’s Collectibles”.  These guys fit today’s topic perfectly so I’m posting this one early.

Photo101 – Glass

Photo 101 – Day 17

Today we are asked to incorporate glass in our image – a window, mirror, wine glass, sunglasses or whatever else.  It doesn’t matter what form the glass takes.


Glass Times Two

Photo101 – Treasure and Close-up

Photo 101 – Day 16

Today we are asked to show an image that represents a treasure to us and to get close to our subject.

Kittens Mittens 2-1 (2)

Three Little Kittens

My three daughters gave me these little kittens for Mother’s Day about 15 years ago.  I can’t express how much I treasure this gift.  It always brings a smile to my face.


Photo101 – Landscape

Photo 101 – Day 15

Today, we are asked to show a picture of a landscape and to focus on the entire setting as a whole.



Another beautiful day at the beach!

Photo101 – Scale and Observation

Photo 101 – Day 14

Today we are asked to play with scale – to use anything and everything to help convey size in our image.

Garden City-7

Up For a Ride?

This blue and red structure is a ride in a local amusement park.  The colors first attracted my attention and you can see its size compared to the vehicle parked next to it. 

It’s the off-season now so I didn’t get to see it in action and have no idea how it operates.  I’ll have to come back in a month or so to see how it works but can say for certainty that I won’t be getting on it!

Photo101 – Architecture & Monochrome

Photo 101 – Day 12

Today we are asked to show architectural elements that translate in black and white – sharp lines and patterns, defined shapes, large surface areas and a mix of very light and very dark colors.

Color versus Black and White